File Editors

There are a number of ways to edit an IFS stream file on IBM i.  Below is a list of some of our favorites.

joe (Joe's Own Editor) - A text based editor useful for quickly editing files from an SSH session.  Note this doesn't work from QP2term.  Go here for a quick intro.  See below for a screenshot.

Joe's Own Editor Screenshot

EDTF - The Edit File (EDTF) ships with the IBM i operating system and is a nice last resort editor that's always there.  To edit a file you issue the following command:

EDTF '/www/A2222/htdocs/A2222/Gemfile'

Here is a screenshot of EDTF:
EDTF Screenshot

RPGNextGen Editor - This is an editor based on Eclipse that can be installed within an existing Eclipse install or as a stand alone download.
RPGNextGen Editor