Git**, the open source distributed version control system.​ has been included with the PowerRuby install in folder /PowerRuby/oss.  Git is a common approach to for source change management and can also be used to move source from a git repository to your production IBM i environment (i.e. the IFS).

To give you a quick start with git, take a look at the screenshot below which is an ssh terminal session into PASE on IBM i.  The git clone command is issued but fails because the correct SSL certificate authorities aren't yet installed on the system.  If you add env GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true to the beginning of it then it will by-pass verification.  Note, only do this if the URL is trusted, and the best practice would be to install the certificate authories.

ssh terminal session

The same could be accomplished via 5250 telnet by issuing CALL QP2TERM and then issuing the git clone command:

git clone command